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      The reform of the NHS is a revolving door and a band wagon that everyone thinks they can do better. In the short term extra money will do no good as there are not enough people to fill vacancies, if they recruit agency staff, they will have to pay more, just to tempt people to do more hours. Most NHS employers do not pay overtime. I went for two NHS interviews last week and I got offered both jobs. I should be retiring. The other alternative are doctors and nurses from the outside the EU, Ipswich are already recruiting the Philippines because people from the EU are now not so happy to work here.
      I think health tourism is a very small problem compared to care of the elderly who are often in hospital because either their admission could have been prevented or they have no suitable place to be discharged to. Separating the pot of money for social care and health care isn’t working, and its strange we all say we want to support the NHS but when you ask people to pay for their own social care, if they can afford it, everyone soon starts say we have worked for our money we should keep it/ pass it on to our children.
      Over the last few years there has been the introduction of the nurse specialist who are not ‘managers’ but effectively do not do hands on nurses, then we have bed mangers etc. So yes they are employing more nurses and less managers, but the nurses are essentially doing roles which were never over seen by nurses before.
      No government of what ever color has had a long term solution for the NHS, and I have worked in it under most of them.

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      I am not loyal to any products or brands and like to try new things – but have recently discovered a few products that I love. I use garnier micellar water with oil twice a day to cleanse my face and remove any makeup. At night I pop on some neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturiser which makes my skin so soft and plump. The micellar water does not leave you feeling oily and is perfect for my combination skin (dry nose, oily elsewhere) so don’t be put off by thinking it’ll make your skin greasy – it won’t!
      I also wear minimal makeup, I’m no good at it and I don’t like looking made up. I use a light foundation with SPF and UV protection in it, I’m very pale and I don’t want to look like a leather bag when I am older.
      I also pop suncream on my neck and chest (again to prevent leather skin when older).
      My main advice would be stay away from make up wipes! Find a cleanser and toner that work for you and use a cotton pad to remove makeup, then a light non-greasy moisturiser.

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      I’d say if you don’t have kids as long as you don’t have fur shedding pets 2 hours once a fortnight would probably be about right. 2 hours once a week if leaving the hoovering for 2 weeks would bother you.

      Could you try asking your cleaner at work if they want an extra little job?

      You need to decide if you are happy for someone to have a key or not.

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      Always check if it’s ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ if not then you’re just dealing with a normal online seller. And don’t get angry, Amazon does provide an amazing service usually but at what cost to their employees. Maybe you could go and buy it in a shop. Or just stop moaning.

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      interesting to me- timing wise!
      I was diagnosed 5 years ago exactly by chest xrays and spiro tests.
      I am having an episode right now, just come out of hospital.
      Jan 12- diagnose and told if I didnt give up smoking I would be dead in 5 years. Gave up there and then.
      Couldn’t get on with my inhalers as they made my throat dry and voice husky.
      I have put on 6 stone, I cant exercise without being completely out of breath.
      Had to stop mucking out so my horses lived out happily rugged up with access to stables in winter which were deep littered.
      I have had no instances in the five years where I have needed medical help due to m diagnosis.
      Last Friday I developed a dry cough that took my breath away. By Xmas day i was very ill. My doctor daughter home for the day said why are you not using your inhalers? They expired in Jan 13!!!
      Boxing day I was bedridden.
      Tues I called 111 who got me seen by the out of hours doctor.
      New inhaler given and antibiotics.
      Tues night after using inhaler for the 2 nd time in 5 years I had a life threatening episode and called 999.
      Admitted to hospital with very low oxygen sats, chest Xray, nebuliser etc etc
      I apparently didnt use my inhaler correctly ( five years since I have used one and forgotten how to!!!
      Puff hit the back of my throat instead of being inhaled into my lungs which caused spasms of my upper airways.
      I couldnt breath due to constantly coughing, was foaming at the mouth and went unconscious within 10 minutes. First res-ponder was on-route by then and my husband was on the phone to both 999 and my doctor daughter on different phones who talked him through it.
      I had 3 paramedics that saved my life I am sure- this was two nights ago at this very time- emotional.
      My daughter drove from London and reached the hospital an hour after me.
      So I came home tonight after seeing several doctors and the respiratory clinic nurses who showed my how to use my inhalers safely with a spacer.
      In five years this is my first episode so I feel living with COPD has been no detriment to my life so far but I will make damn sure from now on I will take better notice and care of any symptoms in the future.
      I hope you too will have 5 years of no symptoms,
      I wish I had never smoked
      Good luck but please Pm me if you need a buddy to share your thought with. X

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      @don I don’t trust him because he has proven he is negligent bordering on completely insane many times. I was not suggesting this was the case here but you asked for people’s experiences and that is mine!

      Despite the fact my ex is a moron I still believe if he went to the court there would be no grounds to stop him taking her.

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      I don’t want my ex taking my daughter abroad in case something happens to her. He’s a bad enough father in this country. However, I have no desire or plans to go abroad either so it’s one thing which hasn’t become an issue as yet.

      Court is very expensive and time consuming so I would avoid it if you can. It’s costing me 2 K to defend a legal action brought against me by my ex despite the fact I have never once failed to allow my daughter to have the already agreed via the court access (and indeed he was already getting access when he took me to court that time too!). And that 2 k is my part of the legal bill. Legal aid are paying another 4K. Ex doesn’t work nor pay any maintenance but appears to be bankrolled by the bank of Mummy (who probably has no idea at all what she’s paying for!).

      You might find a solicitors letter pointing out the legal position could be enough to shift the other parent into agreeing. Depends entirely on how much of a moron they are!

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