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  • I can’t agree with Amanda.

    The only way I’ve got help for myself is effectively by ‘railing’ against the system.

    So CMH won’t allocate my a CPN? Fine, will just utilize NHS 24. Repeatedly! I imagine if continue to do this enough they will tell my GP that CMH need get involved as can’t cope with me. Frankly, that’s my aim.

    Same with my carer…[Read more]

  • Oh dear, that probably sounded way too ‘hostile’ from me! I truly didn’t mean it like that. More to try and ‘divert’ you maybe from wasting your precious energy resources on ‘what can’t be cured’ etc etc??

    But maybe, like I said, venting does us good after all?

    In the end, we all do whatever it takes to give us the most ‘peace of mind’ (as in…[Read more]

  • I can see your argument in favour of caring both for partner and friend – not entirely sure I agree with it, but I do see your point of view.

    However, may I take issue with something?

    All the way through your posts I can see (completely reasonably I point out straight away)! that you are appalled at the low/absent level of ‘state support’…[Read more]

  • Why the friend as well, in simple terms the friends health has got worse and so has the care, I think I posted about continuing health care, my friend clearly needs this but has been refused.

    Going from a friend who can cope perfectly well, overnight they become ill, end up in hospital, they come out of hospital should get loads of help/support…[Read more]

  • I can understand your providing care for a partner, but why the friend as well?

    If you ‘only’ had your partner to look after, would that improve matters for you do you think?

  • Hi,
    I am caring for my partner and caring for a friend, and that includes night care.

    I was diagnosed with depression years ago, I try and enjoy life but not easy, the mental health services just don’t seem to do a lot about depression, they seem to concentrate their funding towards severe mental health issues.

    I have asked for help in the past…[Read more]

  • Im a part-time carer. I know I show signs of depression at times, but I know that I’m not depressed, because as soon as I’m away from problems relating to my son and Social Services etc. I bounce back to my usual happy self.
    Some days I make a deliberate policy of not even thinking about them, and doing something for me alone (usually sewing for…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say hi as caring is also affecting me too.
    I have recently been diagnosed with depression due to my caring role and some days I have no idea how I am going to get through it.

    Can I ask who you care for? A family member or friend? adult or child?

    Do you have any support to help you?

    As a carer, you are entitled to a break.…[Read more]

  • My mental health is getting worse and worse, because of caring, I have been referred to mental health services but I don’t see what they can do.

    I am tired stressed, due to caring all the time with no breaks, I don’t see how teaching me stress management will help, how can you manage something you can’t manage.

    My GP says I am suffering from…[Read more]

  • Well done…great achievement!

    If you carry on training…when my trail shoes were rubbing, I tried wearing those ankle length tights things that you wear with trousers under my socks. It really helped to stop the friction. As others have said, pre-emptive plasters can help, although I tend to sweat them off!

  • That sounds like a valiant attempt!
    I hope your blisters and everything else make a speedy recovery. Well done!

  • That’s an amazing achievement – well done! you did so well to get this far and finish the first day

  • Well done, that’s an incredible achievement.

    Before you reach for the duct tape and vet wrap, just buy those ridiculously expensive blister plasters. They are for avoidance rather than treatment so put them on any area where you might expect to get a blister, or as soon as you feel that suspicious warmth. Don’t try to take them off. The plaster…[Read more]

  • That is an amazing achievement and you should be very proud of yourself for having the determination to do it in the first place. Well done. If you do want to do something like that again the army guys I knew used duct tape on their feet and then thick wool socks on top to stop blisters. I wonder if vet wrap would work. The other thing they did…[Read more]

  • I know you didn’t achieve what you hoped for, but I have nothing but admiration for you.
    So sorry about your poor feet and the rest of your body. I hope you recover quickly.
    I am sure your supporters will still donate.

  • This is how many steps I took yesterday walking 50km!

    At the start of the year my friend and I challenged ourselves to walk the 100km Race to the Stones ultra marathon this weekend. I tried my hardest with training but at times really struggled… and it paid off.. well, sort of!
    We cleared 23km yesterday in 4 hours and felt pretty…[Read more]

  • You dont need to go to a spray tan booth. St Tropez do a nice one, its a shower cream. You just wet your skin, shower as normal, wash off soap, then apply cream well. Leave three mins and wash off. Its on order off the internet. Really good stuff. I ran out and forgot to re-order. I used to use Tesco’s St Moritz also but found the St Tropez was…[Read more]

  • @bella This is why I am doing this too! I have a wedding on Sunday! And I am wearing a dress too! First dress in about 17 years! Tights just won’t do it. EEK. I figured if I look too dark I have a couple of days to scrub lol.

    Thanks for the tips folks. Its a booth as I point blank refuse for anyone to see me in my knicks!

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