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      Of one parent not allowing another parent to take a child abroad on holiday?

      No real reason for argument other than one doesn’t want the child out of the country even though both parents and child are uk born residents. Parent taking child on holiday is covering all costs including passport and visa costs. Child staying within Europe. Child has been on holiday in the Uk in various locations with both parents for varying lengths of time.

      Just looking for experienced and ways of amicably solving these issues.

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      Yes I’m having this problem at the moment. My ex doesn’t want me to take our daughter abroad even for a holiday because my partner lives abroad and he thinks I wouldn’t bring her back. He’s being utterly ridiculous because I have a house and a successful business here – and as much as he is a total tool (unfaithful twice, first with a close friend of mine and then later on a work colleague) I wouldn’t ever take my girl away from her dad. I’ll let it be for now but I will happily get the courts permission if needed – my daughter is desperate to go so it’s not as if I’m trying to make her. Good luck, it’s a frustrating time I know!

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      With my ex I’m at the point now anything I wish to do I’m straight to the lawyer cuts out so much stress and hassle and now he knows I am prepared to go through the courts he is a lot more amicable. Had to do it for holiday abroad (I wasn’t even going so he didn’t have the excuse of saying I might not bring him back!) & more recently with his school registration. It’s a pain in the arse but worth it.

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      Thank you for your replies. I cannot find anything unlawful about taking a child abroad. The new excuse is that the child is too young but my relatives are taking their child ( who is more than a year younger) on holidays to the other side of the world. I think the other parent is just being nasty for the sake of it.

      How expensive is it to go through the courts? Earnings I think take legal aid out of the equation but not a high enough earner to be spending a fortune on lawyers letter. Other parent on benefits so will get all legal fees paid

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      I don’t want my ex taking my daughter abroad in case something happens to her. He’s a bad enough father in this country. However, I have no desire or plans to go abroad either so it’s one thing which hasn’t become an issue as yet.

      Court is very expensive and time consuming so I would avoid it if you can. It’s costing me 2 K to defend a legal action brought against me by my ex despite the fact I have never once failed to allow my daughter to have the already agreed via the court access (and indeed he was already getting access when he took me to court that time too!). And that 2 k is my part of the legal bill. Legal aid are paying another 4K. Ex doesn’t work nor pay any maintenance but appears to be bankrolled by the bank of Mummy (who probably has no idea at all what she’s paying for!).

      You might find a solicitors letter pointing out the legal position could be enough to shift the other parent into agreeing. Depends entirely on how much of a moron they are!

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      @fi do you not trust your ex to care for his child? Is there a lack of care concern? I am only asking as in this case the care cannot be faulted.

      Another argument has come up now that because one parent is scared of flying they now do not want the child to go. Now the anger is that the child is now missing out on a family holiday with their other sibling and grandparents.

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      @don I don’t trust him because he has proven he is negligent bordering on completely insane many times. I was not suggesting this was the case here but you asked for people’s experiences and that is mine!

      Despite the fact my ex is a moron I still believe if he went to the court there would be no grounds to stop him taking her.

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      If both parents are named on the Birth Cert then doesn’t matter if one doesn’t want the other to take the kid on hols. Nothing they can do unless there is a residency order. Even if child lives with mum after separation the dad still has the same parental rights. And vice versa.

      ALSO, you only need the signature of one parent to get a passport.

      As much as I hate this site…Mumsnet’s legal section might have more precise advice.

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      If child lives primary with the parent who wants to take them on holiday then they should ask there solicitor to write to the other parent outlining the intention to take them on holiday and the dates. Let the other parent then do the chasing to stop it – it wouldn’t stand up in court! It was more complicated for us as my son was traveling to the states and with my mum so we needed a letter of consent from both parents which is where my ex started being an arse!

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