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      I’ve always been a “quick wipe with a make up remover & a bit of facial moisturizer” before putting on some make up kind of girl, but as I’m now in my late twenties I’m wondering if I ought to do more to look after my skin and to help with the inevitable ageing process.

      There seems to an array of face washes, scrubs, serums, cleansers, toners & moisturizers … are they really effective? They seem to promise everything from taking away shine to brightening your skin to minimize pores and everything in between! Do you notice a difference if you’ve upped or added to your skincare routine?

      I’ve always had quite greasy skin, but if does dry out in winter weather too.

      I must admit I will only use cruelty free products (and ideally animal product free), which does limit the choice somewhat.

      What is your skin care routine & have you changed it as you get older?

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      Yes you do need to change your routine to match your skin, and as it ages.
      I’m in my 30’s and have changed what I do. Water and sleep are top of the list, next is a good moisturizer with spf in it. Take makeup off every night and give skin makeup free time.
      I never wash my skin with soap, unless I’m spotty and need to dry them out to get rid.
      I cleanse and tone before applying a night cream, embarrassingly I’ve not checked if they are on the cruelty free list.

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      I hate foundation etc so don’t wear it. Have not had a spot for years. Just use water and once a week a tea tree facescrub from body shop and a moisturiser with factor 30 in it. You need at least a factor 30 for it to do any good.

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      I’m 44, and have relatively good (dry) skin, without much in the way of wrinkles. I have always moisturized, and worn sunscreen – the most expensive that budget will allow. Currently using Elemis Marine Collagen cream as a once a week treat, and recently discovered cheap but brilliant skincare brand “The Ordinary”. I use their Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, and I’m hugely impressed.

      I don’t wear foundation, just a BB cream if I’m going out, I wear mascara (Blinc – because I can’t be doing with panda eyes) every day, but no other makeup unless I’m socializing.

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      I’m lazy. I wash my face with water in the shower then put moisturiser with spf on (15 in winter, 30 in summer). I do that when I get up (morning or evening depending on shift).

      Don’t do anything at night. Barely wear make up but when I do, I do take it all off.

      I’m 30 in July and don’t have any wrinkles, I’m told I look 22.

      Other than that, I just drink plenty of water.

      I really can’t be doing with anything faffy at 4.45am after a shower before work!

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      I’ve just started a new one. I’m six weeks in and noticed a real difference, for me the BHA has been the biggest change, if you have oily skin then it really is beneficial – Paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% is well regarded as the best. BHA is salicylic acid that exfoliates oily skin, so clears it up and after a while you get that nice dewy skin!

      Oil cleanser (pm only)
      BHA or Retinol (pm only)
      Hyaluronic acid for extra moisture
      Sunscreen (am only)

      ETA: I do this once a week, the results are amazing!

      How to Shrink Pores (Temporarily), Plus 3 Pore Myths

      It’s actually not hard to find cruelty free stuff. Ren, Paula’s choice, the face theory and the ordinary are all brands that I use that are cruelty free (and organic and vegan in most cases).

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      As @Melissa says, The Ordinary (part of Deciem) is a fantastic brand, and is cruelty free.

      I’ve always had quite horrendous acne, and my skin is also very oily. I’ve completely swapped to The Ordinary (various products, but Niacinamide might interest you as it reduces sebum) and have noticed a HUGE change in my skin.

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      A long time ago on here I was directed to Caroline hirons blog, and it radically changed my skin care thoughts and routine. I would definitely check it out for advice.

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      I use the Caroline Hirons “regime” too

      Morning: cream cleanser, toner, HA serum, moisturizer with SPF
      Evening: oil cleanser, cream cleanser, toner, HA serum, heavier duty moisturizer.

      Twice a week I use the Aldi got cloth cleanser in the evening in place of the cream cleanser, I also have 2 or 3 moisturizers with and without SPF on the go and rotate to a new one each day because otherwise I seem to get sensitive to them.

      I’ve only been doing it for a few months but it’s made a huge difference to my skin.

      I’m interested in The Ordinary stuff – how on earth do you choose which products to use?

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      I second the recommendation for the Caroline Hirons blog. I’ve been following the routine she recommends and my skin is the best it’s ever been.
      I’m currently using a mixture of products from the ordinary and the una brennan range from boots so it doesn’t need to be expensive to make a difference.

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      I’m late 30’s, have good skin and have always been very minimal in skincare!
      I use simple cleansing cream and E45! Rarely wear make up but if I do it’s just a cheap tinted moisturiser with spf.

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      I’m interested in The Ordinary stuff – how on earth do you choose which products to use?

      I did a lot of research- lots of the products they have are active ingredients in many other (expensive and non-expensive) products, for example I use the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and Salicylic Acid 2% solution which are both common ingredients for acne fighting lotions/creams.

      Research which ingredients will help your concerns and go from there

      They also have a really good regime guide which tells you what products can and can’t be used together, and when to apply them (AM/PM & before/after other creams/oils).

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      I’m 63 and frequently told I don’t look it, so I guess I’m doing something right. First and formost, I haven’t washed my face since I was 13!! Soap stops at my chin!

      I’ve used a variety of products over the years depending on budget and, obviously, my skin is drier now than it used to be. But I’ve always had a similar routine, which comprises thorough cleansing at night with a cleansing lotion and toner, followed by a moisturiser (currently using Clarins cleanser and Olay moisturiser), morning a quick flick over with a Clarins cleaning lotion and more moisturiser. I always use a SPF factor 15 moisturiser as a bare minimum and usually top that with facial sun screen if I’m going outside on sunny days.

      I think a lot of having good skin as you age has to do with genetics, but also basics like hydration (from the inside as well as out), getting enough sleep, good nutrition, not smoking and protection from the sun at all times. The stuff you slap on the outside just supplements that.

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      In the morning I splash with water and moisturise. If I’ve been wearing make up I take it off in the evening with a wipe, then use St. Ives scrub + moisturise.

      I have really, really dry skin so have to moisturise twice.

      I drink about 4 pints of water a day.

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      I am not loyal to any products or brands and like to try new things – but have recently discovered a few products that I love. I use garnier micellar water with oil twice a day to cleanse my face and remove any makeup. At night I pop on some neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturiser which makes my skin so soft and plump. The micellar water does not leave you feeling oily and is perfect for my combination skin (dry nose, oily elsewhere) so don’t be put off by thinking it’ll make your skin greasy – it won’t!
      I also wear minimal makeup, I’m no good at it and I don’t like looking made up. I use a light foundation with SPF and UV protection in it, I’m very pale and I don’t want to look like a leather bag when I am older.
      I also pop suncream on my neck and chest (again to prevent leather skin when older).
      My main advice would be stay away from make up wipes! Find a cleanser and toner that work for you and use a cotton pad to remove makeup, then a light non-greasy moisturiser.

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      I am in my 50s and have never used soap and water on my face. I use Olay day moisturiser liquid with a SPF of 15 and then put on make up. I only use a light foundation in winter. I used to take off my make up religiously with Nivea lotion, but frequently don’t bother now. I use Olay night time cream when I remember. I have never used toners etc. I started using Olay (was Oil of Ulay back then) since I was 18. I have been told by many people that I don’t look my age and (without boasting) I know I don’t and that my skin is good. I think a lot of it is pure luck with genes.

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      In my 50s , cleanse & moisturise. Use a tinted sun cream usually le Roche posay. Have not used soap on face since a child and keep away from parabens. Faith in nature is a favourite and also hot cloth with Liz Earle . Hope this helps 🙂

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