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      Is there anyone here suffering from it?
      Just been diagnosed with it, not sure, even after reading the booklets given to me, how much it’s going to change my life.
      Having just bought a youngster after many years horseless, is there anything I need to watch out/be aware of?
      I walk every day, whatever the weather with my dog, it’s just made me reassess our walks, as in no hills etc, and to keep my walking at a nice slow pace so I don’t get out of breath.
      The doctors seem to be very economic with info, just giving you stuff to read and prescribing inhalers and telling you what sort of life expectancy you may have.
      All a bit mind boggling at the moment

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      How where you diagnosed and what were your symptoms?
      key things- don’t smoke. Avoid dust if poss (horse better in haulage and shavings or similar than straw and hay). Keep active- if you get a cold/cough/chest infections it will worsen your symptoms and you may need steroid treatment and hospitalization but for the large part it shouldn’t affect you too much if you are sensible and take your inhalers correctly.
      If you do have a chest infection or productive cough it is useful to do active cycle of breathing technique (Physio led breathing g program) you can get it from google or be proactive and ask for a respiratory Physio appointment through your GP to run through it with you and they will also discuss in more detail than this other tips dependent on your normal daily symptoms.
      Try not to panic tho doctors aren’t brilliant with copd a resp Physio or nurse will give you a much more realistic picture and management tips.

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      @chris Diagnosis was done by 2 x 20min computerised breathing tests, can’t remember the name offhand.
      Symptoms being very out of breath when walking up inclines plus I didn’t seem to have the stamina to walk the miles I used to and occasionally out of breath when laid in bed.
      Smoking wise it’s been enough to make me want to quit so tomo is my 1st day cold turkey.
      Horse out 24/7 at mo with access to stable if need be.
      Got the blue inhaler for everyday use plus an Incruse to be used once a day.

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      OK – I’m a lifelong asthmatic and it’s not quite the same as COPD but it is very similar

      My father has COPD – he smoked for 40 years and gave up, but by then the damage had been done, to both of us I guess, him active, me passive as a child.

      My advice is

      Eat lightly but eat well
      Keep active
      Use the blue Ventolin of you need to, if it’s the generic inhaler instead of Ventolin kick up a fuss and get Ventolin – it works better
      Be consistent with your Incruse – consistency with these inhalers is really important
      Sleep in a cool room

      Herbally – Schizandra Chinesis is your friend. It does help. I take it every day, my asthma symptoms are worse without it

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      interesting to me- timing wise!
      I was diagnosed 5 years ago exactly by chest xrays and spiro tests.
      I am having an episode right now, just come out of hospital.
      Jan 12- diagnose and told if I didnt give up smoking I would be dead in 5 years. Gave up there and then.
      Couldn’t get on with my inhalers as they made my throat dry and voice husky.
      I have put on 6 stone, I cant exercise without being completely out of breath.
      Had to stop mucking out so my horses lived out happily rugged up with access to stables in winter which were deep littered.
      I have had no instances in the five years where I have needed medical help due to m diagnosis.
      Last Friday I developed a dry cough that took my breath away. By Xmas day i was very ill. My doctor daughter home for the day said why are you not using your inhalers? They expired in Jan 13!!!
      Boxing day I was bedridden.
      Tues I called 111 who got me seen by the out of hours doctor.
      New inhaler given and antibiotics.
      Tues night after using inhaler for the 2 nd time in 5 years I had a life threatening episode and called 999.
      Admitted to hospital with very low oxygen sats, chest Xray, nebuliser etc etc
      I apparently didnt use my inhaler correctly ( five years since I have used one and forgotten how to!!!
      Puff hit the back of my throat instead of being inhaled into my lungs which caused spasms of my upper airways.
      I couldnt breath due to constantly coughing, was foaming at the mouth and went unconscious within 10 minutes. First res-ponder was on-route by then and my husband was on the phone to both 999 and my doctor daughter on different phones who talked him through it.
      I had 3 paramedics that saved my life I am sure- this was two nights ago at this very time- emotional.
      My daughter drove from London and reached the hospital an hour after me.
      So I came home tonight after seeing several doctors and the respiratory clinic nurses who showed my how to use my inhalers safely with a spacer.
      In five years this is my first episode so I feel living with COPD has been no detriment to my life so far but I will make damn sure from now on I will take better notice and care of any symptoms in the future.
      I hope you too will have 5 years of no symptoms,
      I wish I had never smoked
      Good luck but please Pm me if you need a buddy to share your thought with. X

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      Have they given you a spacer device to use with your inhalers? If not, ask for one. They help delivery of the meds to the right place.

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