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      As a Catholic I’ve always been told what happens when we pass away. However, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about this since my Mother passed. I guess the main reason for this is to help my grief….and to stay away from gaming.

      Most of my time has been spent on Near-Death-Experiences. There are several thousand accounts of this, and some of these people were dead for hours. Almost every story I’ve read is very peaceful, and the people don’t want to return to life. It also doesn’t matter which religion you are, since non-religious people have seen them too.

      When you combine NDE’s with Ghosts and other Supernatural stuff, there is a good amount of evidence for life after death. Of course we can’t prove it in this life, but it does help my grief a bit. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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      As a mother who has lost a son, I also investigated the NDE stories and found them to be very comforting and enlightening. (I am also Catholic.) What is the main message that I found from the many stories I have read: We are here to love each other and help each other get through our time here on earth. What is hell? A place where there is no love.

      Because of the many things that happen to me in my life, I do consider myself to be spiritually enlightened. Occasionally, I have “dreams” (I like to call them visits) from people who have passed to the other side. I find them to be very comforting and realistic. I have started documenting them and when I think about the visits I am comforted and feel peaceful and happy to have been with that person again.

      I hope this helps.

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      I personally believe in life after death. I do not really have a religion but I believe in certain things that helped me calm down when it comes to the death of a loved one. I have never seen a ghost but I do believe there is a world where all spirits will go to. Like some sort of home, a very loving warm home, the source of every living being. Perhaps heaven in Catholic terms?

      I have lost my father when I was 11 and I sometimes wonder why I could accept that fact so quickly. Recently I discovered it’s because before my father’s death I was an atheist and after his death I started to believe there was something. I am not sure if it’s a coincide but perhaps I did that to soothe myself. I felt very at ease because my friend, whom I love and trust very much, could confirm it indeed was the case. Everything she told me felt so logical. And as she is not the only one who senses the things I can’t, I have read a lot about people’s experiences with the spiritual world. While I can understand people might be sceptical, I am very glad I believe in it, because, as I said, it feels great to have the feeling my father is watching over me. 🙂
      Anyway, that’s my personal experience.

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      This has been a big topic in my life over the last 6 months. Since my dad went into heart bypass surgery and made it out ok, it really made me start to question this a lot too.

      I’ve never believed in god, had no religious upbringing at all and since all of this has happened I’ve given spirituality a real second look.

      You make a great point, what happens after death? Where were we before we were born?

      I’ve come to realise that there is a physical world and also a spiritual world and I try every day to interact with that spiritual world through worship/meditation and strengthening the spiritual gifts I have.

      This comforts me and reaffirms that when I die, although I will leave my physical body behind, I will always have my spirit and connection with God.

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      @dave I have always been a man of science. Science is to show us what is true and what not, or so many believe.

      Some people say that science shows that there is a god. That is plainly a lie. Some people say that science shows that there is no god. This is a lie also. Science does not show any of these things.

      If you look at the science of 200 years ago, what they believed to be facts and truths, most of those facts and truths have turned out to be false. New theories have come to replace the old ones. In current days a lot of people want to believe that we are really smart and know it all. But is this really true? In 200 years, most likely the people from that time will look at what we know now, and conclude that what we consider facts and truths to be mostly wrong, replaced by new facts and truths.

      What this shows me is that nobody can claim that there is nothing ‘out there’. Even a man of science has to conclude; we just dont know. That is why I personally try to keep an open mind, there are a lot of things out there, still to discover.

      My personal view on life and ‘life after death’:

      I have lost people close to me, some of them were very young. One thing that I do know, and which is of some comfort to me, is that I believe that these people live on, through us. Their memory, what they have shown you, what they have teached you, how they influenced how you are now. In this way your mother lives on, through you, and all of the people that she touched in her life. In the same way we, in time, will live on in the lives that we touch. That is why it is so important to live a good life and try to be as good as possible for the people around us. And although I am not a religious man, this is why I try to follow the main message from the bible: Love thy neighbour as thy self.

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      Faith is what is important. Faith gives hope!

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