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      Hi im going to hospital soon to give birth and I don’t know what to take with me. What did you take that was your ‘must’ item(s)? Like the ones you don’t usually see on lists but you needed?

      I’m looking at some lists online and they have extensive items on there… I would need about 3 holdalls to fit it all in if I followed them.

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      Big granny pants from Primark…

      Something to read in case you end up staying in?


      My LO ‘popped’ out in 5 hours so I never got to use all the waterbirth bikini/nice snacks etc which I had ever so carefully packed, and as he was 3 weeks early none of the clothes I’d brought fitted either lol…

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      Big granny pants from Primark…

      Something to read in case you end up staying in?


      My LO ‘popped’ out in 5 hours so I never got to use all the waterbirth bikini/nice snacks etc which I had ever so carefully packed, and as he was 3 weeks early none of the clothes I’d brought fitted either lol…

      Earplugs! Didn’t think of them but I guess sleeping afterwards is hard. Good shout, thanks.

      Off granny knicker shopping this week I think too!

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      Chocolate digestives (helped move things along afterwards!).

      Book. Torch (for reading book). Tissues. Mints. Food. Lighterweight blanket. Fluffy non-slip socks.

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      I did 3 bags.

      Bag 1 – for baby
      3 x newborn size white short sleeve vests
      3 x 0-3 month size white short sleeve vests
      3 x newborn size white long sleeve all in ones
      3 x 0-3 month size white long sleeve all in ones
      (I didn’t do scratch mitts – if you want them, get the all in ones wit the folding over hand mitts)
      10 x newborn nappies
      2 x pack of water wipes
      1 x teddy
      1 x blanket
      1 x newborn hat
      1 x cardigan

      Bag 2 – for me
      Lansinoh nipple cream
      Tena all in one MASSIVE pants (these were brilliant – no faffing with pants and pads – they are all in one. Wear them, chuck them.
      2 x nighties that had button down fronts (for BFing)
      Flip flops
      Hand fan
      Ipad and charger
      Phone and charger
      Money bag with lots of change (and another one in the car for the car park)
      1 x lightweight dressing gown
      Bottle of water with sports cap
      Joggers / vest tops / sleep bra / nursing bra / jumper
      Toiletry bag (toothbrush, paste, shower stuff, sponge etc etc)
      Hairbobbles & brush
      Paracetamol and ibuprofen
      Bath towel (because hospital ones are tiny)

      Bag 3 – bigger bag at home
      In case of being kept in (and I was) then leave this in the boot of the car for OH to bring in
      Extra sleep suits and vests for baby
      Extra nappies and water wipes
      Bepanthem bum cream
      More clothes for me, joggers, t shirts, socks etc
      More food

      Wise to get your OH to pack a backpack with a change of clothes, snacks, toothbrush etc in for him.

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      @kerry has it all covered I think! I took some nice really smelly smellies with me from Neals Yard. I really appreciated a bit of luxury in the shower on the ward afterwards and a nice moisturiser. Definitely snacks and drinks and slip on slippers you can put on without needing to bend down to put on. Towel is good, but don’t worry if it won’t fit, the hospital ones are good as you might stain your own. Sorry if tmi.

      I’d also pack a kindle!

      Definitely Lansinoh too. I also packed a sarong the second time, useful for feeding, wrapping, everything really. I’d also push the giant muslins you can Get, they’re so handy, got mine from John Lewis.

      I’d overpack on nappies, or maybe mine just poo a lot! Water wipes so you don’t have to faff with cotton wool.

      Lastly good luck and don’t worry, babies come how they want to and only need you, not a bag full of accessories x

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      I read all the mumsnet lists and most of the stuff on them I never bloody used! I bought an excessive amount of nipple cream and lip balm, my baby is 13 weeks old and I’ve never used either!

      My advice would be to take an awful lot more pants than you think you need – I was in for three nights and I went through 15 pairs of big black granny pants. For the same reason I would take two or three nighties/pjs.

      Stuff like dressing gowns etc I never used because the ward was approximately 3million degrees, but I was very grateful of my navy XXXL bath sheet – the baby hides everything you don’t want to see after your first bath!

      Maternity pads with wings – don’t buy the ones without wings, they are rubbish!

      I agree on the luxury toiletries – it’s a fairly dirty affair and anything to jazz you up is worth it. I’m a little bit jealous of you! I was induced and in labour for 22hours but I loved my labour!

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      Absolutely what the others have said . I much preferred the disposable pants too and take a few pyjamas/lounge trousers as it can be heavy. Also soap and toothbrush etc to have a shower/ freshen up afterwards. Some food you can eat without preparing too as hospital food is rank. With my first I was in for 3 days so really used everything for me and my son that time however with my second we were out within 12hours so hardly changed her clothes at all.

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      Great suggestions, thank you! I didn’t even think about a bath sheet, great idea because I hate small towels too.

      Ok so big disposable pants… like the tena pants? Having a baby is so glam

      Just trying to work out how many nappies to take too. Suppose OH could always bring more if needed if we end up staying. Like the idea of the backup bag, good thinking. Need to get organised now!

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      Your own facecloth, fluffy towel

      Your own bottle of lactulose in case they are tardy about dishing it out

      carrier bags for putting soiled/dirty laundry in to take home

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      I don’t think I used much in my bag…disposable but decent quality pants definitely. I second the winged variety – spent ££ on fancy eco friendly ones which turned out to be like matresses whereas Tescos own brand were far more effective and comfortable. A fancy shower gel; I treated myself to some L’Occitane plus your usual basic toiletries. I packed books and a tablet but never looked at them. Once baby arrives you’ll be entranced! Never used nipple cream, etc, and baby NB still feeds at 18 months

      Food wise I wasn’t allowed any in labour and afterwards the hospital food was surprisingly good. Maybe it was the joy of not feeling sick. A few babygros and vests, hat and cardi, a couple of cellular blankets (sooooo useful) and a nice blanket for the car seat and that’s about all baby needs. I think I took one pack of nappies and that was enough.
      Enjoy!! It’s a lovely experience.

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      As I was clueless about how big clothes baby would be I used freezer bags labelled with size and put a vest and sleepsuit in each size (tiny, newborn and after my mum freaked me out saying we wouldn’t have fitted in those 0-3) in each bag. I took one freezer bag of each in hospital bag and left duplicates in the car for my husband to bring in once we knew which size we needed (turned out to be tiny baby). Saved space and was easy to see what we needed. Midwife commented on it after birth saying great idea!

      Jaffa cakes were the thing I got through, during and after…

      I just used my pregnancy pants (normal pants in a bigger size), didn’t ruin any and only used a pair a day.

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      Basically pack what you think you might need but be aware you may not want or need it!

      Nipple cream if you don’t need it can be used for other things. And don’t let your oh buy pads, I got some massive tena pads that were too huge to be comfortable. Although padding is multifunctional for a few days after.

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      This has been really helpful, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reply.

      @superh – what a good idea about the little freezer bags, might steal that one.

      @katykaty Think you’re right about not letting the OH choose the pads, I’m going to get some tonight as I know which type I will be able to tolerate.

      Definitely going to do a backup bag with extra nappies and baby grows etc in, just incase I run out of stuff and don’t have enough room in my main bag. Can’t wait to wash all the baby clothes but we are currently awaiting our new washing machine – don’t want to do the washing in our old machine as it’s a bit grubby and I’ve gone all weird about dirt recently!

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      We took 3 bags. One for me containing stuff for during labour (nightie, soft bra, book, magazine, face cloths, another containing stuff for afterwards which included night clothes (with buttons for easier BF access), spare dressing gown in case of leakage during labour on the other, toiletries and own fluffy towels (hospital towels are awful!), plus clothes and supplies for baby. Third bag contained a change of clothes for OH and loads of snacks and drinks in case we ended up stuck in hospital for ages. I left my going home clothes in a pile in our bedroom at home and got my OH to bring them in the day I came home, save taking them to hospital with me.

      I didn’t bother with throw away pants, I just used old pants that I wouldn’t mind ruining. But tbh I didn’t ruin anything as didn’t actually bleed much for long. I used maternity pads for a couple of days then switched to medium flow sanitary towels and then panty liners by about day 10.

      The hospital is the hottest place in the world so you won’t need loads of layers and definitely no fluffy dressing gown needed! Take ear plugs, hospitals are noisy!

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