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    Anyone got any ideas? Thinking softening dates in some syrupy booze, forming balls, rolling in coco powder.

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    To buy ? – available in Waitrose and other posh supermarkets

    No idea about making them !

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    @don Replace butter with coconut oil and cream with thick cashew milk or coconut cream. Use dark rum as the booze. Add some minced or finely-chopped crystalised ginger, or just add a bit of both fresh finely-grated ginger and dried ginger powder.

    If someone presented me with a softened date under the promise of a truffle, I’d be crestfallen.

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    These are chuffin’ brilliant:—180g/

    Just amazing pralines – no funny business, no weird ingredients, no ‘if you squint really hard it kinda, sorta, tastes a bit like chocolate’ – just quality stuff that easily holds its own against milk containing ones.

    I managed to score a good deal on a box (well two….) of their big bars of chocolate. Ended up eating 9kg of chocolate over a few months… Still wanted more at the end of it – if that’s not a recommendation then I don’t know what is.

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    @sarah I’ve since googled similar recipes to yours (not with ginger though – but does sound good), and have all those ingredients in so will be giving it a go. Thanks.

    You’ve given me an idea though – a hemisphere of boozey soften date topped with a hemisphere of your truffle recipe…

    @sue they look good but I really want to make my own.

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