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@karen Although I generally agree with your idea, good luck trying to buy this PC hardware from a local store. The part I was after was rather niche and very specific and not available from the other two online suppliers that I normally use: and Amazon were the only option and had it IN STOCK, eligible for Prime shipping and “guaranteed” to arrive on Thursday.

I know, DHL Express are a sub-contractor. But Amazon chose to use them and I didn’t get to choose the carrier so I’m still of the opinion that this is entirely Amazon’s problem to fix. Otherwise, you end up with the situation where everyone blames everyone else and only the customer ends up with a problem — exactly what I have with the VW group and my car.

Perhaps this is the way the world is going: sucks to be the customer. You will be steered into “informed” decisions based on empty promises and, when those fall through, the complete dearth of competition will mean that not a thing will be done about it. Even doing your homework doesn’t help anymore because all the research in the world counts for naught if all the information is false, anyway.