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How where you diagnosed and what were your symptoms?
key things- don’t smoke. Avoid dust if poss (horse better in haulage and shavings or similar than straw and hay). Keep active- if you get a cold/cough/chest infections it will worsen your symptoms and you may need steroid treatment and hospitalization but for the large part it shouldn’t affect you too much if you are sensible and take your inhalers correctly.
If you do have a chest infection or productive cough it is useful to do active cycle of breathing technique (Physio led breathing g program) you can get it from google or be proactive and ask for a respiratory Physio appointment through your GP to run through it with you and they will also discuss in more detail than this other tips dependent on your normal daily symptoms.
Try not to panic tho doctors aren’t brilliant with copd a resp Physio or nurse will give you a much more realistic picture and management tips.