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We took 3 bags. One for me containing stuff for during labour (nightie, soft bra, book, magazine, face cloths, another containing stuff for afterwards which included night clothes (with buttons for easier BF access), spare dressing gown in case of leakage during labour on the other, toiletries and own fluffy towels (hospital towels are awful!), plus clothes and supplies for baby. Third bag contained a change of clothes for OH and loads of snacks and drinks in case we ended up stuck in hospital for ages. I left my going home clothes in a pile in our bedroom at home and got my OH to bring them in the day I came home, save taking them to hospital with me.

I didn’t bother with throw away pants, I just used old pants that I wouldn’t mind ruining. But tbh I didn’t ruin anything as didn’t actually bleed much for long. I used maternity pads for a couple of days then switched to medium flow sanitary towels and then panty liners by about day 10.

The hospital is the hottest place in the world so you won’t need loads of layers and definitely no fluffy dressing gown needed! Take ear plugs, hospitals are noisy!