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I read all the mumsnet lists and most of the stuff on them I never bloody used! I bought an excessive amount of nipple cream and lip balm, my baby is 13 weeks old and I’ve never used either!

My advice would be to take an awful lot more pants than you think you need – I was in for three nights and I went through 15 pairs of big black granny pants. For the same reason I would take two or three nighties/pjs.

Stuff like dressing gowns etc I never used because the ward was approximately 3million degrees, but I was very grateful of my navy XXXL bath sheet – the baby hides everything you don’t want to see after your first bath!

Maternity pads with wings – don’t buy the ones without wings, they are rubbish!

I agree on the luxury toiletries – it’s a fairly dirty affair and anything to jazz you up is worth it. I’m a little bit jealous of you! I was induced and in labour for 22hours but I loved my labour!