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@sarah A bit of (b) and a bit of (c) really. We don’t really know enough about subatomic particles to say they’re truly chaotic. Subatomic particles are made up of sub-subatomic particles, and even less is known about that. There could be forces at work which we can’t see that prevent a repeatable result, even something like time. And as with (c), I don’t believe they affect the macroscopic world yet. Of course I don’t have a master’s in chemistry. I have read a lot on physics and quantum mechanics, and this is just what I can piece together to leave open the possibility that I may be right. It’s a bit like faith. The nice thing is, while I can’t prove anything I say, nobody can prove otherwise with anything less than a time machine 😀 As for the religious belief & philosophy, I think a life philosophy is integrated into all religions. I’m mostly interested in this specific part, a way to see the same things in completely different light, and how this view has helped them. That is, if it’s not too hard to separate the philosophy from the religion, or briefly describe that aspect of your religion.