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What a wonderful thread. I benefit from your wisdom, and it helps to get a reminder that I am not alone.

I do have this other voice in my head, which sometimes — but only sometimes — is able to help me when I start going crazy. I do not perceive it as being my own. Rather, it’s a composite of two people I interacted with last year who had an impact on me. It’s very friendly, supportive, and nonjudgmental, yet at the same time coolly rational, detached and with an ironic sense of humor. It asks questions rather than tells me what to do. Sometimes this works: it cuts right through the craziness. Sample: yesterday I was in a really bad mood, and when the kids were playing with my husband, I went into my spiral of “I’m a terrible mother, nobody needs me, the kids would be better off without me” — you get the idea. Voice: “So, you want your kids to need you every moment of the day?” Um, no. That would not be a good thing. Voice: “Do you seriously think that your kids’ life would be better if you were to die today? In what way?” Um, no. Not really. End of bullsh**.

I don’t know why I’m posting this here. It’s probably not useful advice, because I could not have generated this voice by myself. And I can’t call on it consistently (I could for a while, but not anymore).

Anybody know a therapist like that, perhaps?