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Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I had games where I could play a few rounds and stop easily and games where I wanted to stop after two hours and didn’t stop until six hours later.

So of course I have tried sticking to the simple solitaire games since they seemed so harmless. It worked fine for a while, then I was playing them more and more, then I was compelled to branch out into other seemingly harmless games to combat boredom, and when an urge hit to play something compelling that would really scratch my itch I was powerless to stop myself from getting back into the old games that had wrecked my life in the first place.

Your experience may turn out like mine or maybe not. If you have the same obsessive compulsive mental condition that I do (i.e. addiction) then it’s almost certain your experience will be like mine. It would be a good question for a meeting. I might bring it up next time I’m at one.

Addiction is very powerful, regardless of its focus on games, gambling, alcohol, or drugs, and recovery from it requires the same path of abstinence and mutual support, regardless of its focus. If you don’t mind, I want to translate your P.S. into the language of another flavor of addiction:

PS: The booze I’m addicted to are hard liquors and even wines etc. The drinks like beer etc is an unknown, but possible threat. That’s why I want to know what counts as a relapse, just 1 sip or drinks or cases at a time. For me I know even just 1 sip drinking the hard liquors would be too much for me and 100% be a relapse, but I have no idea for something like this unknown.