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@tessa lets look at the positives, you actually got a diagnosis in the UK of EDS and POTS….. thats pretty good going! Most of us get shrugged off as hypermobile at best or hypochondriacs at worst. At least you have the label needed to get you through the doors for help.

It is daunting and what IVe found is there are a lot of autoimmune conditions that are linked, ie I have come out with LPP which is auto immune and linked and I can find the research in other countries but over here no one will join the damn dots up.

The only thing you can do is play it by ear day by day, its rare its affected my work but Im a stubborn wench and have been known to crawl out of the parlour on my knees or finish a days teaching with a dislocated shoulder and go to A+E the next morning when I, rather clearly, did not get it back in straight.

Pilates is definitely helping me hugely with joint stability also making sure to wear good supports too I found a sound called is good for those.

Best wishes and I am here if you need an ear 🙂