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I‘m not overlooking that. I suspect that organisations and clubs will form to preserve the past, in the same way that there are people who still ride horses or drive horse drawn carriages, and steam engines these days – themselves pleasurable but outdated modes of transport. You seem to be accusing me of being the driving force behind AI, I’m merely predicting the way things are changing. However I suspect that such activities will not be permitted on roads mixed with AI traffic in the same way that former means of transport are banned from today’s motorways.

As for life pleasures, AI will result in more and more leisure time so there is likely to be an upsurge in stuff to do. The downside is going to be how people can afford to live let alone pursue them without jobs and income? As I alluded to above I predict a return to Rome’s Dole system, or something similar, whereby the few ultra wealthy owners of the AI infrastructure will pay most of the taxes in order to support the vast number unemployed with all the political and autocratic implications of such a system.

It’s actually a nightmare future unless the inevitable redundancy of the majority of human beings is addressed, and addressed soon. We are staring to see this already with Union unease at the speed at which jobs like train drivers and guards are under threat.

Don’t shoot the messenger.