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    Why the friend as well, in simple terms the friends health has got worse and so has the care, I think I posted about continuing health care, my friend clearly needs this but has been refused.

    Going from a friend who can cope perfectly well, overnight they become ill, end up in hospital, they come out of hospital should get loads of help/support etc, received nothing.

    And no help for the unpaid carer e.g me.

    What do we do, dump our friend we have known for years because they are ill?

    If I was looking after just my partner would things be better, would they? we all need friends.

    I would just be stuck in the house caring 24/7, isolated and lonely.

    Without friends carers become isolated. The problem here is I, my partner and my friend all need the right help and support, what we are getting is NHS and social care staff who just don’t care and understand.

    I should be receiving all sorts of support, I am dealing with mental health problems, physical health problems, finances, household, I am giving practical and emotional support and getting no unpaid carer support whatsoever.

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    I am caring for my partner and caring for a friend, and that includes night care.

    I was diagnosed with depression years ago, I try and enjoy life but not easy, the mental health services just don’t seem to do a lot about depression, they seem to concentrate their funding towards severe mental health issues.

    I have asked for help in the past but just got nowhere, assessment after assessment not entitled to any help, maybe the care act will help.

    I asked for a break years ago still waiting, you can ask but you don’t get.

    And having a break then you go straight back into the caring role.

    I am not ashamed or embarrassed asking for help, I don’t feel like a failure, I watched a tv programme about a family looking after disabled kids, she said caring 365 days a year just can’t be done, I agree.

    This was in America, I think they did actually get help, a kids camp volunteered a free holiday.

    Mental health services tried to teach me mindfulness, cooking, cleaning, shopping, medication, just don’t have time for mindfulness.

    Social services say it’s my mental illness causing issues, mental health services claim I am not mentally ill, I don’t pass the tick list and therefore its social services who should be providing support.

    Shouldn’t they be talking to each other not just passing the buck?

    But social services or indeed the NHS don’t provide night care.

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