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  • Why the friend as well, in simple terms the friends health has got worse and so has the care, I think I posted about continuing health care, my friend clearly needs this but has been refused.

    Going from a friend who can cope perfectly well, overnight they become ill, end up in hospital, they come out of hospital should get loads of help/support…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    I am caring for my partner and caring for a friend, and that includes night care.

    I was diagnosed with depression years ago, I try and enjoy life but not easy, the mental health services just don’t seem to do a lot about depression, they seem to concentrate their funding towards severe mental health issues.

    I have asked for help in the past…[Read more]

  • My mental health is getting worse and worse, because of caring, I have been referred to mental health services but I don’t see what they can do.

    I am tired stressed, due to caring all the time with no breaks, I don’t see how teaching me stress management will help, how can you manage something you can’t manage.

    My GP says I am suffering from…[Read more]