• I can’t agree with Amanda.

    The only way I’ve got help for myself is effectively by ‘railing’ against the system.

    So CMH won’t allocate my a CPN? Fine, will just utilize NHS 24. Repeatedly! I imagine if continue to do this enough they will tell my GP that CMH need get involved as can’t cope with me. Frankly, that’s my aim.

    Same with my carer…[Read more]

  • Im a part-time carer. I know I show signs of depression at times, but I know that I’m not depressed, because as soon as I’m away from problems relating to my son and Social Services etc. I bounce back to my usual happy self.
    Some days I make a deliberate policy of not even thinking about them, and doing something for me alone (usually sewing for…[Read more]

  • That is an amazing achievement and you should be very proud of yourself for having the determination to do it in the first place. Well done. If you do want to do something like that again the army guys I knew used duct tape on their feet and then thick wool socks on top to stop blisters. I wonder if vet wrap would work. The other thing they did…[Read more]

  • @bella This is why I am doing this too! I have a wedding on Sunday! And I am wearing a dress too! First dress in about 17 years! Tights just won’t do it. EEK. I figured if I look too dark I have a couple of days to scrub lol.

    Thanks for the tips folks. Its a booth as I point blank refuse for anyone to see me in my knicks!

  • Booked in for my first spray tan on Thursday. Its in a Versaspa Pro tanning booth. Any tips on getting a nice even light tan? I am so worried I am going to end up like I’ve been tangoed!