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      She flippin’ did too. Talk about gratitude for adopting her from the cat pound. Ungrateful little monster.
      Ughh, here goes another fifteen years plus of commitment.
      Empathy anyone?

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      At least she shat on the mat and not on the carpet

      Have you considered providing a litter tray – at least until she’s settled?

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      Have you considered providing a litter tray

      or a cork?

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      or a cork?

      @luke good thinking, but that can have explosive consequences if the cork works loose (picture a balloon propelled across the room by escaping air). Now imagine the same thing with a Cat & poo

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      @emma you’re probably right.

      Maybe lash up some sort of nappies out of a Tesco bag and some gaffer tape?

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      My kitten has decided she doesn’t like snow so pissed in a bag this morning

      Wonderful creatures!

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      You know you love cats, you must do, you adopted her
      We’ve all had little accidents in early years. Maybe she’s still really stressed as a result of her past life. Or maybe she has a medical problem? Just asking. Spray the carpet, most carpet cleaning products will do the job, or white vinegar, make a fuss of her, reassure her, show her the litter tray again, think about whether it’s in a suitable place for her. And carry on loving her. You’re obviously a very nice person. Happy Christmas and New Year to you.
      I do empathise, been there, done that, etc., etc.,

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