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      anyone suffered from this and what did you find helped. I have tried anti inflams, exercising by dropping heel while standing on a step and a special insole, all to no avail. Blooming hurts, over a month now. Have googled but not got any more info, wondered if anyone had a secret cure

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      I have had this in the past and you have my full sympathy!

      Things that worked for me:

      -Rolling a cold can of Coke with my foot helped in the mornings.
      -Going barefoot (well minimalist footwear) was revolutionary for me and has worked for a few others (I too had trialled insoles etc).
      -Wearing a night splint whilst sleeping stops from hurting in the morning.

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      It has taken nearly 2 years for mine to settle to a level where I am not aware of it unless Ive done something extra strenuous….

      Calf stretches and ankle flexing with a band are good, do ballet stretches in bed before getting up. I had Footreviver insoles made which really helped as well.

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      I’ve had it on and off for 30 years since I knackered all the ligaments in my right ankle/foot slipping off a step.
      When it’s bad, make sure to wear some stiff soled shoes- eg walking boots with a vibram sole or the equivalent. A slight heel, def not flats. Stretches before I get up, rolling my feet on a cold can of something, insoles in all shoes. As much rest as possible (ha ha ha ). Moving about isn’t too bad, but standing around always brings on an attack the following day

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      Try some heel cups (they fit in most shoes) and bear in mind the reason they relieve it is because you are shortening the muscles and tendons so taking the strain off, long term this can affect calf length and cause further issues. Try to find out WHY you have it and fix the source not the result if you can. I def suggest you go see a physio.

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      I have had plantar fasciits and it resulted in my tendons eventually giving way over night to the point my arches collapse and my feet are now rolling in and have flat feet. I went through horrid pain and bought some rubber heel arches which helped a lot.

      Now I have orthotic arches in my shoes, but without I have trouble running and that causes knee pain due to the angle of my feet.

      Get some support before the ligaments tear like mine did as it will effect your gait as well as the pain and disability you get

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      Ah, sounds horrid. I went to the doctor with mine after suffering for a time, and he had the same thing and was rolling a can under his desk at work. He said it would get better and mine did.

      So sorry to hear that your are suffering. Chronic pain is awful and debilitating. Can’t anything be done for your ligaments?

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      I had it when I was wearing boots that had a hard interior, I tend to stand a lot in my saddlery workshop all day and that set it off in my left foot/heel.
      I bought some Footreviver insole supports to lift my arches up and cushion my heels. Worked a treat and within a week it had gone.
      It was always worse first thing in the mornings and getting out of bed was agony, after a few mins once the tendons had stretched again, it wasn’t as bad.

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      You can get a tennis ball sized spiky rubber ball to roll your foot on which helps immensely.
      Fitflop boots – I buy them cheap from the outlet store online, but I’m not that bothered by some of the dodgy styling 😛
      Calf stretches, especially ones that stretch the soleus muscle

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      I’ve suffered with this for years. It gets better but never really goes away and then something happens and it flares up again. It’s been a while since it’s been really bad for me though. A 500ml coke bottle filled with water and frozen is sheer bliss when it’s really bad. The shape means you get the ice right into the arch of the foot which is where I get the pain rather than in my heels. I keep two in the freezer permanently just in case. I do the calf stretches daily as well and they do help.

      The right shoes are really important for me (a day in wellies and it’ll flare up straight away). Shoewawa orthotic shoes (google them) are a god send. I have a couple of pairs now – some loafers and a pair of ankle boots. They are designed for people with foot problems. I’m not yet 40 and work somewhere where I need to be fairly smart so I had a real problem finding suitable shoes that didn’t look like they were made for grannies until I found Shoewawa. They’re not cheap but I live in mine and I’ve got my eye on another couple of pairs. They’re so comfy but look ‘normal’. I have insoles too which I can put in some shoes but they don’t fit in more dainty shoes.

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      I’ve suffered on and off for a few years (fortunately mostly off until recently!) and at the moment its hell. I’m completely crippled in the mornings at the moment. I got one of those spikey balls i keep under my desk at work and it def helps, but so far the best thing was seeing a sports therapist. The pain whilst he was working on it was horrendous, i literally cried – but it eased it almost completely for a while. Unfortunately doesn’t last that long- i really need to book another appointment but was well worth it for the couple of pain free weeks! Flat hard shoes are a big no no – my yard boots are awful 🙁

      Hope you get it sorted soon!

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      Thanks for all your replies guys. But no one told me it was infectious, I now have it in the other foot ! No clue why, never had it before, no different footwear, no different exercise etc.

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