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Is this a ‘smart’ TV that you are streaming to? What make/model?

If so, the renderer will be in the TV, so the codecs are only relevant when playing video on the PC.

Check your TV manual, to see which video formats it supports playing via DLNA (I’m going to assume it is using DLNA for streaming).

It sounds like you need to go and read up about how DLNA and streaming works, and how the various elements of a DLNA system interact.

Also look up transcoding; converting one media format to another (often on the fly), so that you can stream to a device that doesn’t support a particular format (e.g. transcoded MKV to mp4). You might find that WMP has a setting to enable transcoding (in which case, those codecs you loaded will come into use…).

Also note that MKV and mp4 are container formats, not codec formats; within the container, there will be a codec format. Your playback device needs to understand both the container format and the codec format.