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Mechanism (Philosophy):
a. the view that all natural processes are explicable in terms of Newtonian mechanics.
b. the view that all biological processes may be described in physicochemical terms

I am not trying in any way to argue about Mechanism because I respect everybody’s beliefs, but I am curious about one thing. Many experiments have shown that quantum theory, including its various predictions, control the way that the sub-atomic world works. For example, certain aspects of computers (e.g., the transistors) were developed based on quantum theory and act in the way that this theory says that they should. However, quantum theory seems to go against the Mechanistic philosophy as some key elements of quantum theory are the random acts of the sub-atomic particles, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, etc. As such, there are at least 3 ways that the Mechanistic philosophy can reconcile itself with quantum theory that I can see: (a) it says that quantum theory is incorrect; (b) we are not interpreting quatum theory correctly; (c) the effects of quantum theory do not affect the macroscopic world in any significant way.A Have you thought about that and, if so, how do you reconcile it with your belief?

I want to ask if anyone else out there has found a philosophy (more so than a religion) which has greatly improved their quality of life. I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Also, as for Mechanism being just a philosophy as opposed to a type of religion, that depends on the definition that you use. It is not that simple to come up with a definition that encompasses all those things that we consider to normally be a religion (e.g., Buddhism that does not involve any supernatural gods as many definitions of religion state) without becoming too encompassing to include things that we normally would not include as being a religion. One good link to read more about this is at As for any “philosophy” that has improved my quality of life, I would say that my belief that there is some type of organized, universal “energy” or presence has given me occasional comfort and, I believe, has improved my quality of life. You may define my belief as a type of religion, but that does not change its effect on me. I assume that many people who believe in what most people consider to be religions would feel that their quality of life has improved because of that. I think that most people who believe in something that explains why bad things happen, encourages people to be understanding and loving to each other, etc., will help to improve their lives. That applies to most religions, as long as people don’t become overly fanatical and only pay attention to part of what their religions say (e.g., it does not include Christian, Muslim, etc., extremists). For you, it is your belief in Mechanism that is helping you. I am glad that you found something that works so well for you.