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I sure can relate to this. I too have found that those things work for me, you know, the “it’s not always gonna feel like this” reminder, centering and changing what I’m doing.

I did a quick poll on your question at my work place, Do I deal with my inner demons,or let them consume me? Here’s the results:

79% Deal with my inner demons

7% Let them consume me

14% Consume my inner demons

“Deal with my inner demons” is the clear winner here.

So… of course, I want to share what has helped me. There is one thing that not only helped me with my inner demons, but also brought me to awareness of inner demons that previously I didn’t know were there AND helped me to see the root AND helped me to find a way forward to heal from the past trauma. I’d like to suggest this one thing, but this is the atheist and agnostic discussion forum, so I can’t. 🙁

But, anyway, it definitely sounds like you are on the right track! Keep it up!