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I remember the days of ultimatums that were dismissed/ignored. One of the ones we told our son was that we’d send him to boarding school if the time ever came when we couldn’t control him at home. He has since told us that he never believed we’d follow through, since we never had. That’s the problem with ultimatums; you can’t give an ‘or else’ unless you plan to follow through the first time, every time.
My first recommendation would be to get those grades as I suspect you are probably correct in your assumption that they are not good. In any case, I would refuse to pay future tuition until you have that information and can base your decision on it.

As indicated above, making your own way sheds new perspective on life. Our first rule for our son was that he would not attend college away from home and instead, commute to a local university. Most importantly, we insisted that he pay his tuition forward; the only way he could do that was to get a job. If his grades were good and his scholarship maintained, we reimbursed him. After the first year, that became a non-issue. He held his part-time job and his scholarship.

The downside is that if he refuses to get a job, you will have to take another measure. The one thing so many of us have experienced is a kid sitting around home all day, playing games and doing nothing else for themselves. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially when you are faced with defensiveness or (in our case), defiance and anger.