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You don’t sound self entitled, it sounds like your dad is putting you in an awkward position. You can’t accept the gift and adhere to his stipulations. If you accept and make it pay for itself it will cause ill feeling. Is your dad of sound mind (not meant to sound rude) – it’s just odd that he can’t understand your reasons.
If you take your brothers advice then you have an asset which could benefit your children in the future.
Could you write to him stating that if he was to give you the property you would only be able to accept on the understanding that you would be obliged to rent it out to make it pay for itself? Then if he still offers it to you he can’t say you were dishonest. It sound like whatever you do there will be ructions – he has made that inevitable.
Ps I don’t know if there would be a way to rent it out for say 2/3 of the year as a holiday home and leave it available for friends/family for 1/3 (or however long) – probably a hassle