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It’s been so interesting to read this thread. It’s such a difficult issue and I agree accountability needs to be key. My dad earned such a small salary as a nurse with a life time experience. A friend of mine in his 30’s is a manager in communications in the NHS and earns just short of A Three figure salary. It’s all wrong.

I’d happily pay for some services. Last time I couldn’t get a doctors appointment I used push doctor and had a FaceTime consultation. Chest infection dealt with quickly and prescription ordered for £20 (plus prescription). I’m a teacher – I don’t earn loads but I will pay If I need to.

Health tourism most certainly needs dealing with. Bursaries for student nurses need to come back otherwise we won’t have the future staff we need. My partner is a student nurse and has just finished a 2 month placement – working 3 – 4 long shifts (7.30am – 8pm) every week on a ward. Who is going to pay £9k a year to do that??

Oh and putting Jeremy Hunt in charge of social care as well as health I think is just awful.