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I look at Jeremy Corbyn and think, bless. But actually he is as dangerous as the fool they have in the USA. They sell a message that seems simple told in a manner that appeals to a lot of people who want a simple solution for what are problem they feel there is, when nothing in life is as black and white as we would like it to be.

The reason why each Trust was devolved was apart from making the people who spend the money be accountable for how much they spend, but the political theory that local people should be in control of local resources.
The great and the well meaning, some elected representative get put on the board with the ideal that local people need the best services, which lead to new hospitals, extended services with often no cooperation with the Trust next door, so there is an over supply in certain departments in that area. Operations and A&E times have quantifiable targets , so they could be seen to do well. When really at the back of the queue the people who do not have an illness with a nice tidy target get ignored, if you can not prove it you can not make a case for funding.
There is the law of unintended consequences, for you and me better expressed as s**t happens. We are just not as clever as the people on the boards, when really they are not clever at all. One of our local Trusts left the VAT out of the calculation, so it collapsed. How did they do that?
So now some Trusts are evolving back into combined Trusts, to save money and overlap, but they have already bought buildings they do not need, and the people who had a local A&E do not want to give it up protest. And so the wheel turns again.

The only positive thing I can say in this whole recurring nightmare, is the people who work on the front line have always tried their hardest, in 40 years in the NHS I have never worked with a nurse I did not think was trying their best for the patient.
Do you know a nurse can be sacked for making a cup of tea for themselves if its hospital property, ie a tea bag and milk? Professional staff are treated like potential thieves and not a valued resource and young people like my daughter who has only been qualified two years already wants to leave