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The reform of the NHS is a revolving door and a band wagon that everyone thinks they can do better. In the short term extra money will do no good as there are not enough people to fill vacancies, if they recruit agency staff, they will have to pay more, just to tempt people to do more hours. Most NHS employers do not pay overtime. I went for two NHS interviews last week and I got offered both jobs. I should be retiring. The other alternative are doctors and nurses from the outside the EU, Ipswich are already recruiting the Philippines because people from the EU are now not so happy to work here.
I think health tourism is a very small problem compared to care of the elderly who are often in hospital because either their admission could have been prevented or they have no suitable place to be discharged to. Separating the pot of money for social care and health care isn’t working, and its strange we all say we want to support the NHS but when you ask people to pay for their own social care, if they can afford it, everyone soon starts say we have worked for our money we should keep it/ pass it on to our children.
Over the last few years there has been the introduction of the nurse specialist who are not ‘managers’ but effectively do not do hands on nurses, then we have bed mangers etc. So yes they are employing more nurses and less managers, but the nurses are essentially doing roles which were never over seen by nurses before.
No government of what ever color has had a long term solution for the NHS, and I have worked in it under most of them.