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I’m 63 and frequently told I don’t look it, so I guess I’m doing something right. First and formost, I haven’t washed my face since I was 13!! Soap stops at my chin!

I’ve used a variety of products over the years depending on budget and, obviously, my skin is drier now than it used to be. But I’ve always had a similar routine, which comprises thorough cleansing at night with a cleansing lotion and toner, followed by a moisturiser (currently using Clarins cleanser and Olay moisturiser), morning a quick flick over with a Clarins cleaning lotion and more moisturiser. I always use a SPF factor 15 moisturiser as a bare minimum and usually top that with facial sun screen if I’m going outside on sunny days.

I think a lot of having good skin as you age has to do with genetics, but also basics like hydration (from the inside as well as out), getting enough sleep, good nutrition, not smoking and protection from the sun at all times. The stuff you slap on the outside just supplements that.