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I don’t want my ex taking my daughter abroad in case something happens to her. He’s a bad enough father in this country. However, I have no desire or plans to go abroad either so it’s one thing which hasn’t become an issue as yet.

Court is very expensive and time consuming so I would avoid it if you can. It’s costing me 2 K to defend a legal action brought against me by my ex despite the fact I have never once failed to allow my daughter to have the already agreed via the court access (and indeed he was already getting access when he took me to court that time too!). And that 2 k is my part of the legal bill. Legal aid are paying another 4K. Ex doesn’t work nor pay any maintenance but appears to be bankrolled by the bank of Mummy (who probably has no idea at all what she’s paying for!).

You might find a solicitors letter pointing out the legal position could be enough to shift the other parent into agreeing. Depends entirely on how much of a moron they are!