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One that hasn’t been mentioned here is Muddy Matches… Free to sign up, or was a few years ago. Had been on several such sites over a period of time and let me say from a male perspective, some of the FEMALE members of some sites send some very very very odd messages indeed. Met someone very special to me through Muddy Matches two years ago now, we would never have crossed paths ordinarily due to being in different counties.

To the OP I would say try a few sites, have fun, be careful and see if you connect with anyone. Good luck!

That’s what my OH said (about the weird females frequenting the sites)!

We met through Match, on the very day that both of us had decided we had had enough of the nutters and went online to deactivate our accounts. He sent me a message (one last gasp) and we’ve been together three years now.

I certainly didn’t do online dating with the aim of meeting the future Mr right – I did it as a boredom buster for the long boring winter evenings. It was a bit of an eye opener really, there are a lot of players on there, but clearly some good ones too.

Honestly OP, it’s worth a go just for the fun of it, you never know what might happen. I’d not worry about those people who say they don’t advise it because they are happier single