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@kerry has it all covered I think! I took some nice really smelly smellies with me from Neals Yard. I really appreciated a bit of luxury in the shower on the ward afterwards and a nice moisturiser. Definitely snacks and drinks and slip on slippers you can put on without needing to bend down to put on. Towel is good, but don’t worry if it won’t fit, the hospital ones are good as you might stain your own. Sorry if tmi.

I’d also pack a kindle!

Definitely Lansinoh too. I also packed a sarong the second time, useful for feeding, wrapping, everything really. I’d also push the giant muslins you can Get, they’re so handy, got mine from John Lewis.

I’d overpack on nappies, or maybe mine just poo a lot! Water wipes so you don’t have to faff with cotton wool.

Lastly good luck and don’t worry, babies come how they want to and only need you, not a bag full of accessories x