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@muhammad Not really now that all specialist units are in regional centres.

My dad was in southmead hospital neurosurgical unit for several weeks and it was ridiculously expensive. We were miles from my parents house, 45 mins by car on a clear run (fortunately my brother lives a bit closer). Which in the scheme of regional centres is not so bad. I live in North Wales and the distance from Holyhead or the llyn peninsular to Liverpool or Stoke (where our specialist centres are is massive!!

To add to the cost of the parking there was no hospital canteen there (not sure if that has changed now) so the only place for us to get food or drink was from the Starbucks on site (not helped by my dad getting a massive craving for their latte due to the high dose of steroids he was on!!).

You just don’t need that kind of financial stress on top of a relative with a recent terminally cancer diagnosis, a stay on ITU, and the disability resulting from his surgery.