• I have had the spray tans done by a person you can say if you want it extra dark or just a light spraying, it will look much darker than the finished effect so don’t panic the St Tropez one makes you look like you have been dipped in mud not a good look!

  • This is timely I have a wedding at the weekend and am wearing a dress. My legs do not remotely see the sun and my arms are a deep tan. I bought some self tan (I googled the darkest colour available) and it barely shows so I think I’m going to have to find a spray tan before Friday!

  • Exfoliate and moisturise well first – but don’t moisturise immediately before or the cream will act as a barrier. Give it a good 3-4 hours in between. Focus on knees ankles and elbows when exfoliating as it will make dry skin much darker than normal bits. They may give you a cream to put on these bits as a barrier but not all do.

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  • Booked in for my first spray tan on Thursday. Its in a Versaspa Pro tanning booth. Any tips on getting a nice even light tan? I am so worried I am going to end up like I’ve been tangoed!

  • It has taken nearly 2 years for mine to settle to a level where I am not aware of it unless Ive done something extra strenuous….

    Calf stretches and ankle flexing with a band are good, do ballet stretches in bed before getting up. I had Footreviver insoles made which really helped as well.