• @don Thanks! gp referred me onto senior consultant at rheumatology as soon as Bloods/xrays ruled out arthritis etc. Said she was out of her depth and didn’t know much about connective tissue disorders (by this point we had tried anti inflammatories etc and that just got rid of the tiny bit of swelling holding my joints in so I was literally…[Read more]

  • @Shirl The mental parts are often the worse, I thank the meningitis etc for curing my extreme anxiety and agoraphobia. Slightly too fearless now and rarely anxious apart from about my health… I joke with the OH about him needing a plan for a plan, but I’m probably worse, I just internalise it rather than saying it out loud. Hopefully have plans…[Read more]

  • The last year or so, I’ve hit a brick wall with my physical health.
    I’m 23, have had previously meningitis and enchephalitis at 16, lots of issues at that time resulting in a long period of issues finally diagnosed as vestibular migraines caused by various foods etc migraine diet sorted the majority of those issues and for a while life was good. I…[Read more]