• Gary replied to the topic Amazon Premium Delivery sucks! in the forum General chat 2 weeks ago

    @fi @sarah do you both work for amazon or something you are shilling like mad as though amazon can do no wrong? Weirdos.

  • don replied to the topic vegan and gluten free truffles? in the forum General chat 3 weeks ago

    @sarah I’ve since googled similar recipes to yours (not with ginger though – but does sound good), and have all those ingredients in so will be giving it a go. Thanks.

    You’ve given me an idea though – a hemisphere of boozey soften date topped with a hemisphere of your truffle recipe…

    @sue they look good but I really want to make my own.

  • @sarah “Capable” might mean that it has the necessary software but not necessarily that it has the actual processing power to deal with transcoding a good quality video file on the fly. It depends an awful lot on the input and output codecs and the quality/bitrate. Often you’ll see a certain NAS being described as capable of transcoding, say, 720p…[Read more]

  • @sarah A bit of (b) and a bit of (c) really. We don’t really know enough about subatomic particles to say they’re truly chaotic. Subatomic particles are made up of sub-subatomic particles, and even less is known about that. There could be forces at work which we can’t see that prevent a repeatable result, even something like time. And as with (c),…[Read more]