• My parents used to use a cleaner because Dad has a long commute and Mum had some health issues. The costs above sound about on a par with what they were paying. They thought it was well worth it but they did describe a couple of quirks about it.

    One cleaner they had was very short. She worked under some kind of outfit and her contract didn’t…[Read more]

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    My advice would be to just go on there and have a laugh! I had one really great relationship with someone I met on POF and we are still friends now. I wouldn’t treat it like somewhere you are going to meet your life long partner, but you never know; I think it opens up some doors that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

    Keep us updated

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    If child lives primary with the parent who wants to take them on holiday then they should ask there solicitor to write to the other parent outlining the intention to take them on holiday and the dates. Let the other parent then do the chasing to stop it – it wouldn’t stand up in court! It was more complicated for us as my son was traveling to the…[Read more]

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    That almost sometimes feels worse than the situation itself, the fact you are receptive to any suggestions and would try anything and happy to put the work in but the cupboard then seems bare. However much you want to sort it out yourself I am not sure you usually can, I have spent many an hour berating myself for just not trying hard enough when…[Read more]

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    Mostly fairly dire.
    I was very lucky that after things went over the point of critical made worse by CMHT I had a good contact who happened to be on duty at that point and who got me through the next few months, but that was down to him not the system he worked in.
    Unfortunately on having to move the whole palaver started again, all previous…[Read more]

  • Second all the above ideas I do like Deeside and the Lochnagar estate, I have stayed out at Loch Awe some of the cabins are now privately owned and on airbnb and others are a small holiday letting company, which is lovely and you can go out to Oban and try the seafood which is excellent. If you want to go out into the wilds I love Inverie on the…[Read more]

  • Yes: the media server identifies that the renderer cannot handle the original format, and converts (transcodes) it into a format the renderer has declared it can handle.

    I’ve checked again and confirmed that my settings were correct with my NAS media server. Or, I think the settings are correct. However I still can not get certain media formats…[Read more]

  • @don Replace butter with coconut oil and cream with thick cashew milk or coconut cream. Use dark rum as the booze. Add some minced or finely-chopped crystalised ginger, or just add a bit of both fresh finely-grated ginger and dried ginger powder.

    If someone presented me with a softened date under the promise of a truffle, I’d be crestfallen.

  • She flippin’ did too. Talk about gratitude for adopting her from the cat pound. Ungrateful little monster.
    Ughh, here goes another fifteen years plus of commitment.
    Empathy anyone?

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  • Allegedly my NAS box is supposed to be capable. I just have not been able to work it out.

  • I don’t fully understand transcoding and the other terminologies.

    Does the device that holds the media/video do the magic and then stream to the TV?

    Or does the TV do the converting/transcoding, or can it be a mix of both?

  • @nomad I am not yet sure if there is any particular manner where there is a direct link, in nature, between sub-atomic behaviour, based on quantum theory, and the macroscopic world. However, I do know that man can create switches based on that sub-atomic behaviour and which then has, of course, macroscopic consequences. In that case, would you…[Read more]

  • Mechanism (Philosophy):
    a. the view that all natural processes are explicable in terms of Newtonian mechanics.
    b. the view that all biological processes may be described in physicochemical terms

    I am not trying in any way to argue about Mechanism because I respect everybody’s beliefs, but I am curious about one thing. Many experiments…[Read more]

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    Hello all

    I need help. I have been concerned about my son (now he is 19) for many, many years. My heart was telling me there’s a problem, and I listened, but I did not know what to do. Now, I am confronted w/ strong evidence of a problem, just today, finding out he used all $800 of grandparents’ gift money on games rather than paying for…[Read more]

    • It’s very hard. We want to give our kids the best help to get on in life. But your son’s actions show that he is in trouble. This loss of $800 is a huge flag waving in the breeze that should not be written off lightly. He needs to start paying that back to you by earning the money somehow.

      How willing is he to engage in therapy? Does he admit he…[Read more]