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    If both parents are named on the Birth Cert then doesn’t matter if one doesn’t want the other to take the kid on hols. Nothing they can do unless there is a residency order. Even if child lives with mum after separation the dad still has the same parental rights. And vice versa.

    ALSO, you only need the signature of one parent to get a…[Read more]

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    My experience is that there’s an awful lot of dross to wade through with internet dating. Also it’s a haven for problem men, who can’t meet anyone in their home areas as nobody in RL would touch them with a barge pole!

    But echo what others have said about the paid sites- don’t bother. They are all on POF anyway and it’s free.

  • Hubby and I had a lovely holiday near Crieff once, and there was plenty to do including Pitlochry (sp) lots of distilleries, loads of walks and the Blair Atholl estate where we went on an early morning wildlife safari in a landrover….

  • @muhammad wow your attitude sticks!

  • Many many charities will take it. Big supermarkets usually have a box at the exit. Worst comes to worst, there appear to be locusts at most yards.

  • Big granny pants from Primark…

    Something to read in case you end up staying in?


    My LO ‘popped’ out in 5 hours so I never got to use all the waterbirth bikini/nice snacks etc which I had ever so carefully packed, and as he was 3 weeks early none of the clothes I’d brought fitted either lol…

  • To buy ?

    http://www.boojabooja.com/ – available in Waitrose and other posh supermarkets

    No idea about making them !

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    Complex issue as some places were overrun by people not visiting hospitals and parking for free in hospital car parks…..not been like that for a long time though.

    The charges vary significantly in different locations which is an issue.

    Charging staff to park at work is problem for many…..I’ve worked in.NHS Trusts where one has to pay an…[Read more]

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    I’ve had it on and off for 30 years since I knackered all the ligaments in my right ankle/foot slipping off a step.
    When it’s bad, make sure to wear some stiff soled shoes- eg walking boots with a vibram sole or the equivalent. A slight heel, def not flats. Stretches before I get up, rolling my feet on a cold can of something, insoles in all sho…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your replies.

    I’ve checked the Bravia manuals and Mkv is supported by both USB / DNLA.

    Windows Media Player will play ( after installing the codec) Mkv but it will not play them to another device.

  • @dave Yes, smart TV, Sony Bravia. The TV reads mkv via USB without problems and from my tablet.

    I’ll check the manual but it seems illogical to read mkv on USB but not via DNLA. I’m just after ease of use, right click Play to Bravia , job done !

    I understand that Mkv and MP4 are containers.

  • I downloaded and installed the codecs to allow Windows Media Player to read mkv video files to watch directly on the TV on my local network ( BubbleUpnP ). So far, so good. Unfortunately when I right-click on the file I do not get the option “Play To” that I get when reading an MP4 file. These, music and photos work perfectly well, it’s just mkv,…[Read more]

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    My take on this…I have had the “chance” to live life over and i am at the same place i have been at at least once before. That is, the choices I made were spatially random enough and in sync with everyone else’s “choices”, co-existing in this spatial creation, to result in me being here and one with myself. I don’t know if this is the last…[Read more]

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    I sure can relate to this. I too have found that those things work for me, you know, the “it’s not always gonna feel like this” reminder, centering and changing what I’m doing.

    I did a quick poll on your question at my work place, Do I deal with my inner demons,or let them consume me? Here’s the results:

    79% Deal with my inner demons

    7% Let…[Read more]

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    Sounds like a good strategy to me – accepting what we can’t change, changing what we can. Hugs and a prayer for you.

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    As a mother who has lost a son, I also investigated the NDE stories and found them to be very comforting and enlightening. (I am also Catholic.) What is the main message that I found from the many stories I have read: We are here to love each other and help each other get through our time here on earth. What is hell? A place where there is no…[Read more]

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    In reply to: sarah posted an update in the group Gaming addiction Hello all I need help. I have been concerned about my son (now he is 19) for many, many years. My heart was telling me there’s a problem, and I listened, but […] View

    It’s very hard. We want to give our kids the best help to get on in life. But your son’s actions show that he is in trouble. This loss of $800 is a huge flag waving in the breeze that should not be written off lightly. He needs to start paying that back to you by earning the money somehow.

    How willing is he to engage in therapy? Does he admit he…[Read more]

  • I remember the days of ultimatums that were dismissed/ignored. One of the ones we told our son was that we’d send him to boarding school if the time ever came when we couldn’t control him at home. He has since told us that he never believed we’d follow through, since we never had. That’s the problem with ultimatums; you can’t give an ‘or else’…[Read more]

  • First off, he’s at that age when every kid wants to break away from his parents and be independent, and from what you described, he doesn’t sound that different than a lot of kids today, or really that much different than a lot of kids ‘yesterday.’ Any animosity or bad behavior toward you is likely more age related than computer ‘addiction’…[Read more]