• ritchy replied to the topic NHS parking charges in the forum General chat 3 weeks ago

    Personally,I wouldn’t mind paying.
    I’m currently a regular visitor to hospital to see my mum.

    And I hold the NHS and its staff in an even higher regard than before.

    Long live the NHS

  • Ah, sounds horrid. I went to the doctor with mine after suffering for a time, and he had the same thing and was rolling a can under his desk at work. He said it would get better and mine did.

    So sorry to hear that your are suffering. Chronic pain is awful and debilitating. Can’t anything be done for your ligaments?

  • I have a small voice, too. It is very quiet, and doesn’t even speak in words. More feelings, or an overall sense of things. Sometimes I ignore it. I am always sorry. And when I heed it, I am always glad. I wish my drunken monkey voice would be quiet more often so that I could hear the quiet one better.

  • Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I had games where I could play a few rounds and stop easily and games where I wanted to stop after two hours and didn’t stop until six hours later.

    So of course I have tried sticking to the simple solitaire games since they seemed so harmless. It worked fine for a while, then I was playing them more and…[Read more]