• peter replied to the topic NHS parking charges in the forum General chat 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    just another tory tax on the sick…..it’s free in scotland btw;-)

    @blurty more likely to thank Blair & Brown. It’s probably part of the pfi contract and the hospital nor the local council will even own the land.

  • peter replied to the topic Easing Plantar fasciitis?? in the forum General chat 3 weeks ago

    I have had this in the past and you have my full sympathy!

    Things that worked for me:

    -Rolling a cold can of Coke with my foot helped in the mornings.
    -Going barefoot (well minimalist footwear) was revolutionary for me and has worked for a few others (I too had trialled insoles etc).
    -Wearing a night splint whilst sleeping stops from hurting in…[Read more]

  • Personally, I would reconsider Plex. I use it a lot and find that it turns the kind of fiddly nightmare that you’re currently experiencing into a foolproof and convenient experience. It does depend how often you want to use it, I guess. Because we use it constantly, the server is always running and we have the client installed everywhere it could…[Read more]

  • peter replied to the topic What is Mechanism (Philosophy)? in the forum Religion 3 weeks ago

    Newtonian mechanics make way for relativity. Gravity waves are a natural phenomenon which are not subject to Newtonian rules. The second definition works, as far as it goes. Ultimately, all biological processes can be taken down to the first subatomic level, including memory and religious rapture, recently brain-mapped. Neither of which preclude…[Read more]

  • peter replied to the topic How to deal with inner demons? in the forum Religion 3 weeks ago

    I have lots of addictions. A big boost for my recovery came when somebody brought to my attention the prevalence of “combat language” that I used when I talked about my addiction. I was always fighting this or that – frequently myself, it turns out – always doing battle and waging war against my urges. I would don my armor and go in swinging……[Read more]