• Yes, they have identified some of the genetic components, but certainly not all.

    I’d strongly suspect that these days my Gran would get a diagnosis, and my mum has a lot of traits but probably not diagnosable, her youngest sister is certainly a possibility too.

    With regards to this also me and my husband have talked about starting our own…[Read more]

  • nelly replied to the topic Raynaud's in feet only in the forum General chat 1 week, 3 days ago

    I suffered terribly when playing netball in winter. I’d get to the 3rd quarter and I could barely catch the ball!! My hands are awful, more so than my feet. I don’t bother taking anything for it but ginkgo biloba is supposed to help symptoms.

    I find my main difficulty is changing rugs/doing up buckles, I just about managed to put a bridle on the…[Read more]