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    As @Melissa says, The Ordinary (part of Deciem) is a fantastic brand, and is cruelty free.

    I’ve always had quite horrendous acne, and my skin is also very oily. I’ve completely swapped to The Ordinary (various products, but Niacinamide might interest you as it reduces sebum) and have noticed a HUGE change in my skin.

  • I have a cleaner and it’s a massive expense.
    Cost me an engagement and wedding ring, food, holidays, clothes, presents, more shoes than one person can wear in a lifetime, jewelry.

    A couple of friends of mine had a cleaner but they were that scruffy they actually cleaned up before the cleaner came round because they didn’t want anyone thinking…[Read more]

  • OK I get there has to be big companies, after all I work for one!

    But the food and drink sector seems worse than most for the big boys gobbling up the small fry and then stripping the brands right out of them.

    Not a shock move as Unilever bought them back in 1995, but now no more Colemans made in Norwich after over 100 years. Sad.

    The one that…[Read more]

  • @janey Sure, sometimes Amazon is the best or even the only option to buy from.

    The Dead Kennedys had it right many years ago: Give Us Convenience or Give Us Death.

    We as customers put up with sacrificing our privacy, depriving ourselves of a selection of vendors, thereby shifting the economic balance of power to the remaining vendors, all in the…[Read more]

  • Amazon are generally shit, whether you look at it from a taxpaying citizens POV, an employees POV, or from their treatment of customers.

    I therefore largely use their website as a search engine to see what is out there, and will then try to source books or other new items from a local store (with the one exception of used music CDs, where…[Read more]

  • OK – I’m a lifelong asthmatic and it’s not quite the same as COPD but it is very similar

    My father has COPD – he smoked for 40 years and gave up, but by then the damage had been done, to both of us I guess, him active, me passive as a child.

    My advice is

    Eat lightly but eat well
    Keep active
    Use the blue Ventolin of you need to, if it’s the…[Read more]

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    This is a musing really. For years, mental health has been hidden away and I never had any direct contact or experience of it. Now I have a family member struggling (and fighting back hard…I never understood true courage till I saw that). I also have 2 friends struggling as well. These are all people seeking help through the normal channels but…[Read more]

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    One that hasn’t been mentioned here is Muddy Matches… Free to sign up, or was a few years ago. Had been on several such sites over a period of time and let me say from a male perspective, some of the FEMALE members of some sites send some very very very odd messages indeed. Met someone very special to me through Muddy Matches two years ago now…

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    I’m a nurse in the nhs and pay around £20 a month to park. We give our patient’s relatives a parking permit so it costs £7 a week/£1 per day (whichever works out cheaper for them) otherwise it is ridiculously expensive. I work in intensive care so I’m not sure if this is something we do because the patients are so sick and are more likely to be in…[Read more]

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    I have a small voice, too. It is very quiet, and doesn’t even speak in words. More feelings, or an overall sense of things. Sometimes I ignore it. I am always sorry. And when I heed it, I am always glad. I wish my drunken monkey voice would be quiet more often so that I could hear the quiet one better.

    @ritchy Mine speaks in words. Very s…[Read more]

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    What a wonderful thread. I benefit from your wisdom, and it helps to get a reminder that I am not alone.

    I do have this other voice in my head, which sometimes — but only sometimes — is able to help me when I start going crazy. I do not perceive it as being my own. Rather, it’s a composite of two people I interacted with last year who had an…[Read more]