• janey replied to the topic Best skincare routine? in the forum General chat 2 days, 7 hours ago

    I’ve just started a new one. I’m six weeks in and noticed a real difference, for me the BHA has been the biggest change, if you have oily skin then it really is beneficial – Paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% is well regarded as the best. BHA is salicylic acid that exfoliates oily skin, so clears it up and after a while you get that nice dewy…[Read more]

  • Our cleaner is great. She visits twice a month for 2hrs at a time to keep on top of the bigger jobs and does a great job. Definitely makes keeping on top of it easier in between her visits.

    We pay £15 per hour.

    In our experience, getting a cleaner is easy. Getting a good one you can trust isn’t. As such, if you have friends or family that use a…[Read more]

  • @karen Although I generally agree with your idea, good luck trying to buy this PC hardware from a local store. The part I was after was rather niche and very specific and not available from the other two online suppliers that I normally use: CyberPort.de and CaseKing.de. Amazon were the only option and had it IN STOCK, eligible for Prime shipping…[Read more]

  • I called Amazon, this morning, and they told me that the package was out for delivery (with DHL Express, not DPD) and would be delivered, today. It was not delivered.

    Later, I received an email from Amazon saying that DHL reported that they tried to deliver the package and failed. This was clearly rubbish because I was in the office for the whole…[Read more]

  • There are some things in this world that just make me irrationally angry and I wish I knew how to deal with that anger, but I do not. One such thing is Amazon Premium Delivery.

    You know the story: ordered on Monday, paid for Premium Delivery for the promised delivery date of Thursday, nothing delivered on Thursday.

    Strangely, Amazon sent me an…[Read more]

  • @chris Diagnosis was done by 2 x 20min computerised breathing tests, can’t remember the name offhand.
    Symptoms being very out of breath when walking up inclines plus I didn’t seem to have the stamina to walk the miles I used to and occasionally out of breath when laid in bed.
    Smoking wise it’s been enough to make me want to quit so tomo is my 1st…[Read more]

  • Is there anyone here suffering from it?
    Just been diagnosed with it, not sure, even after reading the booklets given to me, how much it’s going to change my life.
    Having just bought a youngster after many years horseless, is there anything I need to watch out/be aware of?
    I walk every day, whatever the weather with my dog, it’s just made me…[Read more]

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    I know someone who has turned to Alcoholism due to depression/stress/anxiety. The ironic thing is she worked within mental health for 25 years and it is actually the trigger for her addiction. I feel nothing but empathy for this person, their head must be such a horrendus place.

    From what I gather, up here, the only way they can get help to “get…[Read more]

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    I work on the basis that if I’m still single through no fault of my own (and I’m reasonably sane, attractive and solvent) then statistically there must be men out there in the same boat. I have met three in four years – one didn’t find me attractive, one I didn’t find attractive, and with one the lack of attraction was mutual.

  • janey replied to the topic Best dating sites? in the forum General chat 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Prepare to kiss a lot of frogs!

    Tinder – easy, fun, don’t take it personally if you match and don’t get a message, or message and don’t get a reply. A lot of people treat it like a game. But it’s good fun, and I have had some good dates as a result.

    Bumble – works like Tinder, but women have to make the first move. Theoretically it’s a more…[Read more]