• Even doing your homework doesn’t help anymore because all the research in the world counts for naught if all the information is false, anyway.

    @janey Yes, Amazon runs the biggest affiliate scheme in the world. The internet now just seems littered with fake/disingenuous reviews bigging up amazon products to get you to buy from amazon through…[Read more]

  • @fi @sarah do you both work for amazon or something you are shilling like mad as though amazon can do no wrong? Weirdos.

  • Gary replied to the topic NHS parking charges in the forum General chat 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    My guess is that the money generated wouldn’t even be going to the NHS but some private company managing the parking instead?

    Yes, but said company will be paying a fee to the hospital to manage it so the hospital will benefit. You could argue that the hospital could manage the carpark itself, and employ wardens etc

  • Gary replied to the topic What is Mechanism (Philosophy)? in the forum Religion 3 weeks ago

    Neither of which preclude the possibility of a SUPERnatural overseer or two, which by definition are outside the scope of science, which only studies natural phenomena.

    There are people, including me, who would argue that god is a natural phenomenon and that it is possible to study her/him/it, in fact if I am not mistaken, it’s what all of…[Read more]

  • Gary replied to the topic Life after death? in the forum Religion 3 weeks ago

    This has been a big topic in my life over the last 6 months. Since my dad went into heart bypass surgery and made it out ok, it really made me start to question this a lot too.

    I’ve never believed in god, had no religious upbringing at all and since all of this has happened I’ve given spirituality a real second look.

    You make a great point, what…[Read more]