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    I am in my 50s and have never used soap and water on my face. I use Olay day moisturiser liquid with a SPF of 15 and then put on make up. I only use a light foundation in winter. I used to take off my make up religiously with Nivea lotion, but frequently don’t bother now. I use Olay night time cream when I remember. I have never used toners etc. I…[Read more]

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    With my ex I’m at the point now anything I wish to do I’m straight to the lawyer cuts out so much stress and hassle and now he knows I am prepared to go through the courts he is a lot more amicable. Had to do it for holiday abroad (I wasn’t even going so he didn’t have the excuse of saying I might not bring him back!) & more recently with his…[Read more]

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    Mental health is vastly under funded and very little help is out there.
    My mother died from anorexia, and the saddest thing of all is that the help was not available as she had to ask for it, because she was considered capable of making her own decisions.
    she did not think her anorexia was a problem so why would she need help….

  • We love it here http://www.eaglebrae.co.uk

    It’s quite remote but the owners offer amazing “ready meals” delivered to the cabin and there’s a pub within walking distance that does incredible food. Half an hour drive from Loch Ness and Inverness, and loads of walking in the area. Definitely recommend a visit to Glen Affric and Glen…[Read more]

  • Absolutely what the others have said . I much preferred the disposable pants too and take a few pyjamas/lounge trousers as it can be heavy. Also soap and toothbrush etc to have a shower/ freshen up afterwards. Some food you can eat without preparing too as hospital food is rank. With my first I was in for 3 days so really used everything for me…[Read more]

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    Surely the answer is to have a ticket validation service for genuine patients. You take a ticket on the way in and then when you show your appointment card or similar at the reception desk they validate the card for you. This obviously doesn’t sort out the issue with there simply not being enough space for everyone. Perhaps the hospital could…[Read more]

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    or a cork?

    @luke good thinking, but that can have explosive consequences if the cork works loose (picture a balloon propelled across the room by escaping air). Now imagine the same thing with a Cat & poo

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    At least she shat on the mat and not on the carpet

    Have you considered providing a litter tray – at least until she’s settled?

  • My son has returned home from college for the summer. His grades are not good, considering his class rank in High School and brilliant PSAT. My husband and I work hard to come up with the crazy high college tuition and we know he does nothing but LOL in his room every night at college. He has made no new friends at college, except those from High…[Read more]

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