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    I hire a lady who runs a cleaning company, to help Mum with her flat. Kitchen, 3 living rooms, bathroom and bedroom. Vaccuums, washes tiled floors, dusts, cleans bathroom and kitchen. Two hours a fortnight, £12.50 per hour. Best cleaner ever; she admits to being OCD with cleaning and loves doing a good job of it.

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    @fi do you not trust your ex to care for his child? Is there a lack of care concern? I am only asking as in this case the care cannot be faulted.

    Another argument has come up now that because one parent is scared of flying they now do not want the child to go. Now the anger is that the child is now missing out on a family holiday with their other…[Read more]

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    Thank you for your replies. I cannot find anything unlawful about taking a child abroad. The new excuse is that the child is too young but my relatives are taking their child ( who is more than a year younger) on holidays to the other side of the world. I think the other parent is just being nasty for the sake of it.

    How expensive is it to go…[Read more]

  • Of one parent not allowing another parent to take a child abroad on holiday?

    No real reason for argument other than one doesn’t want the child out of the country even though both parents and child are uk born residents. Parent taking child on holiday is covering all costs including passport and visa costs. Child staying within Europe. Child has…[Read more]

  • hmm, if I were you I would think of going to the Isle of Mull. Its perfect for a short break, lots of nice places to eat both in Tobermory and elsewhere, nice walks, great wildlife and great estates/castles to visit. There is a bit of driving though but there are some lovely cottages and its not so far you’ll spend ages travelling. Obviously with…[Read more]

  • I am shocked your local foodbanks and food kitchens etc won’t take them, ours are desperate for anything useable
    As suggested, drop them into a Supermarket Food Bin, save them for when you next fancy something, take them to work/yard.
    Even some old peoples homes will take and appreciate unopened and in date products (most will still be perfectly…[Read more]

  • I don’t think I used much in my bag…disposable but decent quality pants definitely. I second the winged variety – spent ££ on fancy eco friendly ones which turned out to be like matresses whereas Tescos own brand were far more effective and comfortable. A fancy shower gel; I treated myself to some L’Occitane plus your usual basic toiletries. I p…[Read more]

  • @sarah I’ve since googled similar recipes to yours (not with ginger though – but does sound good), and have all those ingredients in so will be giving it a go. Thanks.

    You’ve given me an idea though – a hemisphere of boozey soften date topped with a hemisphere of your truffle recipe…

    @sue they look good but I really want to make my own.

  • Anyone got any ideas? Thinking softening dates in some syrupy booze, forming balls, rolling in coco powder.

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    Personally,I wouldn’t mind paying.

    @ritchy My Dad was in hospital for 10 weeks, 3 weeks in Bristol 7 weeks in bath, So for just my Mum visiting in her car was £180 (£25 per week in Bristol, £15 per week in Bath), then add what me and my brother had to pay as we weren’t always able to travel together (Brother working, Mum staying all day, st…[Read more]