• @dave True. However Jennings is still brewed in Cockermouth using the same water, equipment, ingredients and staff. (Although it was brewed elsewhere post flooding until the brewery and borehole were decontaminated). Not sure about the others. So although it is a megacorp it’s not all churned out in the same chemical plant and labelled differently…[Read more]

  • @dave Yes, smart TV, Sony Bravia. The TV reads mkv via USB without problems and from my tablet.

    I’ll check the manual but it seems illogical to read mkv on USB but not via DNLA. I’m just after ease of use, right click Play to Bravia , job done !

    I understand that Mkv and MP4 are containers.

  • luke replied to the topic Life after death? in the forum Religion 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    @dave I have always been a man of science. Science is to show us what is true and what not, or so many believe.

    Some people say that science shows that there is a god. That is plainly a lie. Some people say that science shows that there is no god. This is a lie also. Science does not show any of these things.

    If you look at the science of 200…[Read more]