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    I have raynauds and when out in the cold, I have to keep on the move constantly, my hands turn totally white , then purple/yellow, and I’m all purple and white from the waist down The only thing that works for me is going for a run, and I calculated that it takes 1km of running to open up my circulation again, which is a drag every time it cuts…[Read more]

  • Sound slike he’s trying to avoid death duty on the house hence gifting it to you, but actually doesn’t really want to relinquish control over it.

    Legal advice ASAP.

  • The situation now is unprecedented. That means that this level of demand has never been seen before in the NHS, and it’s due to huge numbers of people with flu.

    I’m sorry about your Dad, but there is no way that we can run the NHS with enough resources to cope with unprecendented demand, because the rest of the time – almost all the time – it…[Read more]

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    I’m 63 and frequently told I don’t look it, so I guess I’m doing something right. First and formost, I haven’t washed my face since I was 13!! Soap stops at my chin!

    I’ve used a variety of products over the years depending on budget and, obviously, my skin is drier now than it used to be. But I’ve always had a similar routine, which comprises…[Read more]

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    I’ve used several dating sites in the past and would recommend just to go with the free ones… most people on paid sites can be found on the free ones too anyway. I am about 13 months into a relationship with someone I met on POF and am suspect he’s the love of my life.

    Good luck and have fun!